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Vondors  Look In The Mirror/Foot Loose  [Holiday-23179]

Leonard Bowers Wagner  Mr. Trixter/Rock N' Roll  [Starr-2238]

Al Waslohn  Makin' Whoopee/Hungover Square  [Noteworthy-1001]

Al Waslohn  The Grass Is Green/Honey  [DiscJockey-152]

Wee  Can You Boogie Real Hard/Find Me, Love Me  [Owl-7084]

Tiny Wellman  Giving Her The State Of West Virginia/I Can't Tell My Heart A Lie  [Rome-830]

Tiny Wellman & The TWB  Hank/My Sweet Love Ain't Around  [Rome-112183]

Tiny Wellman & Rosalie  Love Is All We Need/Making Plans  [King's Music-5071]

Tiny Wellman And The TWB  There's No Easy Way/Pictures  [Rome-12485]

George Westermyer  No Sadder Song/Don't Think I Can  [Kare-101772]

George Westermyer  Summer Rain/Six String Buddy  [OPPSearch-1001]

Edna Wiler  Columbus Stockade Blues/Smooth Talker  [Hillside-1005]

Chip Willis & The Double Exposure  I'm Gonna Gitcha/I'm Gonna Gitcha (instrumental Part II)  [Prix-7202]

Phil Wilson  One Love/Susan  [Cloverleaf-09866/7]

Pat Zill  Airmail To Heaven/Two Empty Arms  [Big C-119]

Pat Zill  Big Man Big House/Little Lies  [Big Add-985]

Pat Zill  Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/La Mirada  [Sand-336]




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