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Falcons  Now That It's Over/My Only Love  [Falcon-1006]

Jeff Fenholt  Simple Man/Billy Is Dead  [Columbia-45604]

Fifth Order  A Thousand Devils (Are Chasing Me)/Today (I Got A Letter)  [Counterpart-2595]

Fifth Order  A Thousand Devils(Are Chasing Me)/Today (I Got A Letter)  [Laurie-3404]

Fifth Order  The Moment/I Was A Fool  [Counterpart-2617]

Fifth Order  Goin' Too Far/Walkin' Away  [Counterpart-2571]

Fifth Order  Goin' Too Far/Walkin' Away  [Apex-77017]

Fifth Order  Goin' Too Far/Walkin' Away  [Diamond-212]

Carol Fitzpatrick  Farewell To The City/Love Is A Game  [Spinner-252]

Flashback  You're A Very Special Part Of My Life/Party Feeling  [Blue Ash 200]

Bill Foley  I'm Gonna Get Me Some (Strange)/Your Woman's Going (Out On You)  [Foley]

Four Mints  Row My Boat/They Were Wrong  [Capsoul-23]

Four Mints  Row-Row-Row My Boat/They Were Wrong  [Capsoul-23]

Four Mints  Can't Get Strung Out/Why Did I Go  [Capsoul-26]

Four Mints  Do You Really Love Me/(I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You  [Capsoul-27]

Four Mints  You're My Desire/You Want To Come Back  [Capsoul-28]

Four O'Clock Balloon  Dark Cobble Street/Two Heads  [Magna-71152]

Dean Francis  Faces In The Street (short version)/Faces IN The Street (long version)  [Owl-100]

Dean Francis  The Lottery Song (I Had To Play It)/Free  [SoulOhio-312007]

Dean Francis  You're My DJ/Nose Up  [SoulOhio-706073XA]

Dean Francis And The Soul Rockers  Funky Disposition/Tippin'  [Hillside-1007]

Phil Gary  Rollin' Stone/I Don't Understand  [Tower-371]

Phil Gary  Something Else/Forgive Me Tonight  [Counterpart-2634]

Phil Gary  That's How Heartaches Are Made/Wet Bird  [Ironbeat-1164]

Phil Gary And The Catalinas  Bobby Layne/June 30th  [Triodex-106]

Phil Gary & The Rock 'N' Roll Zoo  Tallahassee Lassie/Teenager In Love  [Evolution-1065]

Phil Gary & The Rock 'N' Roll Zoo  Rock And Roll Is Back/Forgive Me Tonight  [Bravo-1303]

Gears  Feel Right/Explanation  [Hillside-1001]

Gears  Sooner Or Later/Come Back To Me  [Counterpart-2639]

Gears/Emeralds  We're Through (Gears)/Brown-Eyed Girl (Emeralds)/Harlem Shuffle (Dedicated Followers)/Purple Haze (Internal Canitery Sin)  [Hillside-53941/2]

Stomp Gordon  Fat Mama Blues/Damp Rag  [Decca-48287]

Stomp Gordon  Please Don't Pass Me By/Ooooh Yes!  [Decca-48289]

Stomp Gordon  Ride Superman, Ride/Oh Tell Me Why  [Savoy-1504]

Stomp Gordon  Sloppy Daddy Blues/Dragnet  [Mercury-70233]

Billy Graham & The Escalators  Oop-Poo-Pa-Do/East 24th Ave.  [Nassau-100]

Billy Graham & The Escalators  Oop-Poo-Pa-Doo/East 24th Ave.  [Atlantic-2372]

Hairy Bears  Blue Moon Of Kentucky/When My Blue Moon Turns  [Hillside]

Hairy Bears Without Frank Sinatra  Explanation/Fire Ball Mall  [Hillside-1012]

Jimmie Harris And The Sidewinders  Three Chartreuse Buzzards/I'm On The Outside Looking In  [Fabar-15563]

Bobby Hendricks  Itchy Twitchy Feeling/A Thousand Dreams  [Sue-706]

Chuck Howard  A Thing Called Sadness/Don't Let Them  [Fraternity-923]

Chuck Howard  Congratulations To You/Chattanooga Shoe Shine  [Kim-1045]

Chuck Howard  Congratulations To You/Let Me Walk You Home  [Joy-238]

Chuck Howard  I'm Alright/Time (Will Tell)  [Allison-918]

Chuck Howard  It Only Hurts When I Cry/Easy To Say  [Fraternity-901]

Chuck Howard  Once A Day/Once A Day  [Cream-7607]

Chuck Howard  Easy To Say, Hard To Do/You Don't Have Time For Me  [Boone-1049]

Hughes Blues  Stone Free/Land Of Prosperity  [Ironbeat-1242]

II Generation  Virginia/My Darlin' Corey  [Rome-720124]

Shellie Jacobs  Ain't No Mountain High Enough/You Bring  [Venture-121]

Shellie Jacobs  Moody Autumn/Walkin' Tall/+2  [Renalph-1001]

J.D. Blackfoot  One Time Woman/I've Never Seen You  [Philips-40679]

Jewels  Jimmy Lee/The Hash (1st)  [Olimpic-244]

Jewels  Jimmie Lee/The Hash (2nd)  [Olimpic-244]

Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr  You Can't Blame Me/You're Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer  [Capsoul-22]

Johnny & The Thunderbirds  They Say/You Are My Sunshine  [Clover-1001]

Joyz  Changes/Everyone Should Learn To Love  [Blue Ash-151]

Jupiter's Release  Never Never/Good Strokes  [Owl-6111]

JH & The Esquires  Comin' On Strong/Stay  [Musicol-1149]

Sally James  I Want One/Poor Boy Poor Girl  [Rural Rhythm-710]

Johnny January  Dreamer/Such A Fool For You  [Cardinal-518]




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