The Columbus Area has a rich musical history, much of which is yet to be documented. These pages provide a growing archive of stories about the music, the artists, the clubs and all who contributed to the vibrant Columbus music scene.

    Four Pharaohs - There was a thriving vocal harmony scene in Columbus during the 50’s and early 60’s and the Four Pharaohs, aka Columbus Pharaohs, were the seminal group of the time. Morris Wade, now residing in California and still performing, provides an updated history of this legendary group.

    Soul Rockers - The Soul Rockers, aka Dean Francis and The Soul Rockers, was a Soul/R&B/Funk group that performed in area clubs and dance halls during the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The Soul Rockers left behind one single, The Funky Disposition on the local Hillside label, that has since become a recording treasured by funk collectors around the world. Rick Redmon, a founding member of The Soul Rockers reminisces about the glory days of the group.

    The Madison - Old schoolers will certainly remember The Madison, a monster dance craze that dance floors around the country. It’s a fascinating piece of local trivia that the dance was actually started right here in Columbus, according to Bubbles Holloway in the June 18, 1960, edition of the Ohio Sentinel newspaper. Read about the creation of the dance and the history of the recordings that made the dance a national hit.

    Stomp Gordon - Stomp Gordon was known nationally as an electrifying performer in the early days of R&B, who could rock an audience while playing the piano with his feet. He also claims to have been the inspiration for Bill Haley & The Comets. Local musician and music historian Arnett Howard provides a fascinating history of Stomp Gordon, based on artifacts and articles found in Stomp Gordon’s own personal scrapbook.

    Fifth Order - The garage band era of the 60’s in Columbus was huge and the Fifth Order were right there with the best of the best. Their singles could be found at the top of the local radio charts, along side local rival The Dantes, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Germany’s Break-A-Way records has issued the definitive compilation of Fifth Order material. The comprehensive story of the Fifth Order is provided here, courtesy of Break-A-Way Records.

    Supremes - We’re talking about the Columbus Supremes here, a renowned 50’s vocal harmony group that scored a national hit on the on the Ace label, “Just For You And I b/w Don’t Leave Me This Way” in 1957. Columbus musicologist David Ardit tracked down the Supremes in 1973 and published the complete story and interview, reprinted here in it’s entirety.





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