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12 Oz. Can  She's Got A Way/It Can't Last  [Starr-1006]

4 Knights Bye Bye Baby/Snooty Friends  [Fabar-285]

4 Pharaohs  Pray For Me/The Move Around  [Ranson-100]

4 Pharaohs  Give Me Your Love/China Girl  [Ransom-101]

4 Pharaohs  Give Me Your Love/China Girl  [Paradise-109]

Allard and The Lost Souls  Looking/It's Coming  [Starr-1055]

Avalons  Begin The Beguine/Avalon  [Olimpic-240]

Backbone  Ride On The Wing/Dance On  [Lantern Light-103241]

Evan Baisden  She Knows/Teenage Sensation Blues  [Bazer-001]

Frankie Bearse  No End To Love/Cry For Me  [Olimpic-247]

Bishop And The Wallace Brothers  I Might Give Out, But I Won't Give Up  [Magnetic Studios-91152]

Marion Black  Who Knows/Go On Fool [Avco-4559]

Marion Black  He Kept It For Himself/You Don't Want Me  [Rome-7146]

Marion Black  Who Knows/Who Knows  [Capsoul-20]

Marion Black  I'm Gonna Get Loaded/You're Not Alone  [Prix-7102]

Charlie Bleak  Let Me In (I'm No Stranger)/same  [P.I.P.-6523]

Charlie Bleak  Love Is On The Way/Never You Mind  [Main One-CB001]

Bliss  Slave/Run From Me  [Ironbeat-1762]

Blue Notes  Rigor Mortis/Patti  [Blueco-5280]

Bluegrass Ramblers  Forsaken Love/Memories  [Shenandoah-500]

Bobby & The Farraris  Pretty/In The Morning  [Tuff-Nuff-20146]

Boys From Nowhere  Goin' Too Far/I Don't Bother  [Young Lion-030]

Rusty Bryant  Pink Champagne/Slow Drag  [Dot-15164]

Rusty Bryant  Soul Liberation (Part 1)/Soul Liberation (Part 2)  [Prestige-738]

Rusty Bryant  Watermelon Man Ya All/By The Time I Get To Phoenix  [Royal-101895] 

Rusty Bryant And The Carolyn Club Band  All Nite Long/Castle Rock  [Dot-15134]

Rusty Bryant with the Evans Sisters  I Need Somebody/Frankie And Johnny  [Dot-15449]

Buckeye Politicians  Can't Wait To See You Again/Just A Little Love  [Utopia-10747]

Buckeye Politicians  I Wish/Girl I Could Love You More  9Scepter-12301] 

Buckeye Politicians  Sister Rose/Dreams  [Rainbow Collection-1]

Bob Campbell  Dizzy Crockett/Six-wheeler Rock  [Kryslar-5571]

Capital City Rockets  Breakfast In Bed/Grab Your Honey  [Elektra-45855]

Carians  Only A Dream/Girls  [Magenta-A04]

Carians  She's Gone/Snooty Friends  [Indigo-136]

Challengers  Monkey Man/Rave On  [Fabar-285-9]

Chandlers  I Loved You Girl/(Never Before) Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer  [Bleu Rose-100]

Chandlers  I Need Your Love/Your Love Makes Me Lonely  [ColSoul-1152]

Cimarron  Boise, Idaho/My Green Eyes  [Best Cellar MS-4176]

William Claybrooks  Niecey I Love You/I Want Your Body  [Starr-13185]

Cold Water Army  One Time Around/When You Left Me  [Ironbeat-1359]

Columbus  Not Even A Woman/Power And Feelin  [Owl-7104]

Columbus Pharaohs  Give Me Your Love/China Girl (boot)  [Esta-290]

Cordials  I'm Ashamed/Sentimental Journey  [Cordial-1001]

Gene Cotton  Mandy/Little Princess  [Alpha Omega-001]

Counselors  It Must Be Love/With Only Me  [Ironbeat-1196]

Countdowns  Find My Love/Midnight Walk  [Olimpic-7400]

Dantes  Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/80-96  [Jamie-1314]

Dantes  Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/80-96 (promo)  [Jamie-1314]

Dantes  Connection/Satisfied  [Apex-77072]

Dantes  Connection/Satisfied  [Mainline-1366]

Dantes  Under My Thumb/Can I Get A Witness  [Cameo-431]

Larry Darnell  That's All I Want From You/Who Showed My Baby  [Savoy-1151]

Larry Darnell  What More Do You Want Me To Do/I'll Carry On  [Okeh-7024]

Larry Darnell  Feelin' Mighty Sad And Low/I've Never Seen You  [Okeh-7056]

Deadly + Penetrations  On The Road Again/Midnight Hour  Mainman

Debonairs  I Guess I'm Through With Love/So Blue  [Debonair-2250]

Dr. Bop (and Paul Rey)  Good News Baby/Satin Velvet  [Canto-25]

Ebb-Tides  Seance/Spirits Ride The Wind  [Jar-7442]

Egyptian Kings  Give Me Your Love/I Need Your Love  [Nanc-1120]

Elijah & The Ebonites  Pure Soul/Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother  [Loren-020]

Elijah And The Ebonies  Hot Grits!!!/Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother  Capsoul-31]

Emotions  Winter Wonderland Cha Cha/Rock & Roll Santa  [Cordial-4633]

Emperors  No Regrets/Nursery Rhyme  [3-J-121]

Epics  White Collar House/She Believed In Me  [Dolphin-3821]

Epitath  1--12--1/Time Goes On  [Starr-3196]




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