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45 RPM Labels and Covers

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Joe King & Prophesy  Something To Remind You/Let's Face It  [Disco-01176]

Joe King  What's Wrong/Speak On Up  [Prix-7002]

Kansas City Jammers  Sing Me That Rock & Roll/Woman Of The Forest  [Kansas City-101545]

King Pharoah and The Egyptians  By The Candle Lite/Shimmy Sham  [Federal 12413]

Marquees  Ecstasy/Close To Me  [Daysel-1001]

Kool Blues  Can We Try Love Again/I Want To Be Ready  [Capsoul-30]

Kool Blues  (I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You/Why Did I Go  [Capsoul-25]

Johnny Lee & The Outcasts  Your Picture/Ann  [Spinner-0442]

Earl Love  Stick With Me Girl/One Girl (version)  [Love-1002]

Lyte Brigade  What Happened To The Love/Showtime  [Magnetic-0136]

Hank Marr  Day By Day/The Squash  [Federal-12489]

Hank Marr  No Rough Stuff/Silver Spoon  [Federal-12538]

Hank Marr  Easy Talk/I Remember New York  [Federal-12516]

Hank Marr  The Market Place/Smothered Soul  [King-6220]

Hank Marr  Up And Down/Bridge To Shangri-La  [Federal-12520]

Billy Maxted  Early Worm/The Golden Bear  [K&H-504]

McGuffey Lane  Green Country Mountains/Lady Autumn  [EMR-1001]

McGuffey Lane  Start It All Over/Don't You Think About Me  [Atco-40806/7]

Larry McKenzie  What Am I Living For/South Side Eagle  [Hillside-2025]

Mike Miller and Jack Casey  You're Not Worth A Dime/I'd Like To Spend A Lifetime  [Early Bird-602]

Bill Moss  Memories Are Made Of This/Please Accept My Love  [Nassau-257]

Bill Moss  Number One/Number One (instr)  [Bell-826]

Bill Moss  Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother/Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother (instru)  [Bell-771]

Bill Moss  Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother/Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother (instru)  [Bell-771]

Cliff Nash  This Little Boy's Gone Looking/Bad With The Good  [Kim-1048]

Cliff Nash  I Love You Darling/Jennie Lou  [Do-Ra-Me-5028]

Nichols Brothers  Love That Country Music/Love Is  [Rome-43083]

Night Owls  Bells Ring/Let's Go Again (promo)  [Bethlehem-3087]

Night Owls  Bells Ring/Let's Go Again  [Bethlehem-3087]

Nutrons  A Little Love Will Go A Long Way/Yes I Need  [Fabar-106]

Nu-Trons  Searchin'/Beat  [Eldee-85]

Orchestra Soyez  Soyez Reconnainoir/Naleli Eve Evire  [Prix-69004]

Owen-B  Mississippi Mama/Nowhere To Run  [Janus-107]

Owen-B  Never Goin' Home/Zig Zag Man  [Janus-123]




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