CD & Vinyl Dealers

Dusty Groove America

Vintage Soul, Funk, Jazz and Hip-Hop galore.


Excellent source for garage and blues CD’s, particularly compilations.


A massive inventory of garage, punk and psychedelia.

Collector’s Choice Music

A major inventory of unique re-issues in virtually all categories of music.


Canadian company that specializes in new ‘oldie’ 45’s and CD’s. You might be surprised to find out how many of your favorite ‘oldies’ have been re-issued as new vinyl 45’s.

Dead Dog

If you are looking for vintage doo wop, soul and R&B CD re-issues, you will probably be able to find it here.

Dennis Brennan Records

This is an auction site run by Dennis Brennan, a highly reputable dealer specializing in vintage vinyl. 

Doo Wop Shoo Bop

A huge inventory of 50’s re-issues and compilations on CD. Inventory is easily searchable.

Fast Hits

Surprise! Many new hits are still being issued on 45’s. Fast Hits has just about everything that is currently being issued on vinyl, both 45’s and LP’s. They also carry an inventory of vintage 45’s as well.


GEMM claims to be the world’s largest music catalog. A great source for hard-to-find records and CD’s. Their inventory is fully searchable.

Get Hip

Operated out of Pittsburgh by former members of the CynicsOut, Get Hip carries a wide array of both current and re-issued CD’s and vinyl, including many on their own releases on their Get Hip label.


West coast source for 60’s and 70’s soul.


All kinds of wild re-issues on CD’s, LP’s and 45’s.

Records By Mail

A massive and searchable inventory of records of all kinds.

Reggae Source

A top-shelf source for reggae recordings.

Rhino Handmade

The premiere re-issue label, Rhino also sells limited-edition recordings at this site.


Another major ‘oldies’ dealer, specializing in beach music.


Lots of 60’s music, much of it previously hard-to-find, with first-class packaging and recording.

Times Square

The famous source of doo-wop recordings.

Varese Sarabande

A major inventory of re-issues.

Goldmine Soul Supply

One of England’s major northern soul re-issue labels.

John Manship The Rare Soulman

England’s #1 source for northern soul. Lots of sound clips.


Pittsburgh-based Record-Rama - find just about any recording you are looking for.


A superb source for rockabilly and garage recordings.

Arf Arf Records

Specializing in garage and punk recordings.

Crypt Records

More garage and punk recordings.

Roots & Rhythm

A vast source and searchable source of vintage re-issues.

Speed Limit 45 RPM

Great source for 45’s.

Tefteller’s World’s Rarest Records

John Tefteller is the premier dealer in rare records, specializing in blues.

Yesterday and Today Records

Searchable inventory of just about everything on CD’s, 45’s and LP’s.





Columbus and Central Ohio related

60’s Garage Bands

A primary source for in-depth info about garage bands. Includes many references to Columbus area bands.

Buckeye Beat

A fast-growing archive of information about Ohio music.

Arts Foundation of Olde Towne

Everything you want to know about the Olde Towne East Arts scene.

Columbus Association For The Performing Arts

Concert information from the primary arts organization in Columbus.

Columbus Blues Alliance

The primary location for info about the Blues scene in Columbus.

Columbus Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Much info about important Columbus rock artists.

Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame

Great source for info about significant Columbus artists, including bios.

The Columbus Ohio Band List

Inventory of Columbus bands, including links.

Cowtown Music

More info about Columbus music.


Current source for info about the Columbus music scene.

Soul Club

An online jukebox of the best Northern Soul recordings on the planet.

Arnett Howard

All the latest from ‘Mayor Arnett’, multi-talented entertainer and local musicologist.


Band info and performance schedule for the Marquis66 of Hillside 1966 LP fame.


The story of the Hillside 1966 recording artists and their subsequent bands.

Columbus Reggae

All the latest on the Columbus reggae scene.

Ohio Soul Recordings

Dante Carfagna’s comprehensive display of Ohio soul and funk recordings.

Other Stuff

Garage ‘A Records

The best source for turntables, needles and related items.

Junior Dub’s Irie Reggae Music Page

Everything about reggae music, plus Junior Dub’s internet radio station.


Links to garage and psychedelic music sources.


Reference list of 45’s from 1966-72.

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Cleveland’s official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Soulful Detroit

Everything about the history of soul in Detroit.

Sweet Soul Music

Great site for listening to the best sweet soul.

Beyond The Beat Generation

24-hours of the best garage band music via internet radio.


The top site for funk music information. Tons of sound clips.

The Garage

Inventory of garage band music sources.

Technicolor Web Of Sound

24-hour internet radio broadcast of the best 60’s psychedelia.

CD101 FM Radio

Alternative local Columbus FM radio station. No corporate stuff here.




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