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“Preserving and sharing the musical treasures of Columbus”, aka CMH, is an independently operated non-profit site dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing the musical treasures of the Columbus (Ohio) Area. Over the years, the Columbus Area has produced an astounding array of top-shelf musical talent in every style from jazz to reggae to doo-wop to soul to big band to country-western to hip-hop. This site will present an ever-growing archive of stories, artifacts, news and links that recognize the immense contributions Columbus Area musicians have made to the culture of this community.

    The beauty of the internet is that it is a collaborative medium that provides an ideal platform for collecting and presenting information from every corner of the earth. The goal of CMH is to utilize the potential of this medium to collect and consolidate information from an endless number of sources into a comprehensive archive of information about Columbus Area music history that is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The possibilities are endless.

“The best form of preservation is dissemination.” - Dick Spottswood

    Preserving and sharing is what CMH is all about and, as Dick Spottswood noted, sharing increases the likelihood that none of the stories and artifacts will ever be lost. Hopefully this site will play a role in this process by sharing the many important and fascinating stories and facts about Columbus area music and artists.

One Story At A Time

    When this site was conceptualized, the immediate challenge was to determine what eras and what genres of music to include. The answer turned out to be very simple: Include all eras and all genres. This at first seems an impossible task, but, like the proverb about the journey of a thousand miles, it begins one step at a time. In this case, it is one story at a time. The vision is that over time, the collection of stories and artifacts will grow into a large, open and easily accessible archive that covers the full range and depth of Columbus Area music history.

Site Highlights


      The stories are the heart and soul of CMH. Recordings tend to stay with us, but too often the artists themselves fade away before their fascinating stories can be properly documented and preserved. The few artists who reached national prominence are usually well-documented, but many of the lesser-known, but no less important, local artists and their stories slip away as time marches on. All deserve to be preserved and shared.


      Radio Surveys - Over 500 images of WCOL, WVKO and WMNI charts.
      Record Labels - Over 300 images of well-known and obscure labels.
      Artifacts - Images of various photos, posters, documents.


      Market Watch - The 100 highest-priced EBay sales of Columbus recordings.
      Just Thinkin’ - Editorials about various Columbus-related music topics.


      A long list of links to Columbus Area music-related websites of interest.

Always looking for articles and ideas

    There are no stories or artifacts too obscure to be included in this site, so if you have anything at all in the way of artifacts, photos, stories, ideas, suggestions, comments or connections you would like to contribute, they would be most welcome. I am more than happy to conduct interviews, scan material and write stories if you have subjects you would like to refer. There is no money involved in this site (other than what comes out of my pocket), so I cannot offer you anything in return other than a sincere ‘Thank You’ for adding to the archives of Columbus Music History. Just send me an email and we can go from there.

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