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   In 1959 Howard Ransom left for California. The group then consisted of Morris Wade, Ronald Wilson, George Smith and a guitar player named Harold Smith. It was Harold Smith who was now billed as King Pharoah and the rest of the group was billed as The Egyptians, hence the name of King Pharoah & The Egyptians. While performing in Cincinnati they met Sonny Thompson of King records, and recorded two more songs, “By The Candlelite b/w Shimmy Sham” (Federal 12413) in late 1961.

   It was after this recording that Leo Blakely joined. Robert ‘Pee Wee’ Lowry left in 1961. The group now consisted of Leo Blakely, Morris Wade, and two friends from Columbus, Paul Moore and Forest Porter.
   Between 1961 and 1963 the group released no other records but continued to tour the country. They toured the state of Michigan with
John Lee Hooker and “Caledonia”, Stella Young, in Laura Calfcart’s revue.
   After the tour, Ronald Wilson left to pursue a solo career and Pete Oden rejoined the group.
   In 1963 the group went to Los Angeles, where they again met Howard Ransom. Howard, along with Jimmy Turner, had a record label named “NANC”. At this time the group changed it’s name once more. They became the
Egyptian Kings.
   As the Egyptian Kings, they re-mastered and releasedGive Me Your Love b/w I Need Your Love(Nanc 1120). “I Need Your Love” was written by Leo Blakely. Hunter Hancock promoted the record locally, including guest appearances with the Platters, Ike & Tina Turner, the LaLa Wilson Band, the Bean Brothers and others. At the time, LaLa Wilson had David T. Walker performing in his band.
   The members on the NANC recording were Leo Blakely, Morris Wade, Paul Moore, Pete Oden and Sylvester Moore on guitar, who they picked up while on tour in Detroit. This group had another recording on NANC, “School Days b/w Summer Time”. However, this recording was never released.

   In 1964 Pete Oden left and Paul Moore's cousin, William Suber, joined the group. They returned to Columbus in 1964 and continued to play club dates from 1964 till 1968. They had signed with Way Out Records of Cleveland, but never did record for them.
   In 1968 the group disbanded.
   That same year Morris Wade returned to California to pursue his musical career. He joined a group called the Ohio Vaticans and worked throughout Southern California. After the group disbanded, Morris Wade joined the Hollywood Factors. He was asked by Elton Peterson and Wendell Cooper, who owned the Wilshire Fine Art Studios in Hollywood, to assume lead vocals for the group. Eventually the name was changed to Morris Wade & The Lockhart Show. This was the stage name of his USO show in the Far East in 1969.
   After returning from the Far East, Morris Wade formed his own groups under various names, e.g., After Six, Morris Wade & Associates, until becoming Morris Wade & Soundtrack, which is his current group.
   In 2001 Morris Wade was honored with a tribute to his musical contributions. He received an award from the City of Los Angeles, not only for his music, but also for his contributions in the development of mixed venues in the Southern California area.
   In 2002 he reformed the
Columbus Pharaohs/Four Pharaohs/Egyptian Kings with one other original member of the group, Leo Blakely. They have been performing his oldie songs and many more. Soon he will release a re-mastered CD of all their great oldie songs.

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