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February 26, 2004  Fifth Order ‘Bonfire!’ CD/LP released

   Germany’s Break-A-Way Records recently released both a CD and LP that includes all six sides of the Fifth Order’s three 45’s plus a number of other rare tracks. This is a first-class release with superb photos and extensive liner notes documenting the history of the band.

   If you were fortunate enough to have grown up in Central Ohio during the mid-sixties and were listening to WCOL-AM. then you already know that The Fifth Order were huge, rivaled only by the legendary Dantes, their nemesis at many Battle Of The Bands events at Valley Dale. The LP includes 10 cuts and the CD includes the same 10 cuts plus 3 bonus rarities.

   Record collectors will be elated to find the band’s ultra-rare 3rd single, I Was A Fool b/w The Moment I Saw You (Counterpart 2617), included on both the LP and the CD. The CD also includes a live performance from Jerry Rasor’s Dance Party TV show, a popular local production that aired Saturday’s on WLW-C. It is well worth snagging both the CD and the LP to have the bonus cuts (available only on the CD) and the full-sized glossy liner notes and photos (available only with the LP).
  Contact Break-A-Way Records at to order your copy and to learn about many other quality Break-A-Way releases. Click here to view the LP liner notes in PDF format.

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