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April 13, 2004 Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label released on CD by the Numero label

   During the mid-70’s, BIll Moss’s Capsoul label was Columbus’s answer to Motown. The artists who recorded for Capsoul were the best of the best from central Ohio and included The Four Mints; Marion Black; Ronnie Taylor; Kool Blues; Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr; Elijah & The Ebonites and Bill Moss himself (yes, former DJ and Columbus Board of Education member Bill Moss).
   The cuts on this CD are high quality recordings that began breaking nationally just before the demise of the Capsoul label. One can only imagine what might have developed locally had Capsoul remained solvent. The CD also includes extensive liner notes that chronicle the history of Capsoul as told by Bill Moss, including the sad story of the destruction of the original master tapes.
   Record collectors, in particular Northern Soul collectors, have long since treasured the many Capsoul releases and continue to pay big dollars for them. Among the recent Capsoul releases sold on Ebay:

  • Four Mints (LP)  $305
  • Kool Blues (45) I Want To Be Ready/Can We Try Love  $143.50
  • Kool Blues (45) Why Did I Go/(I’m Gonna) Keep On Loving You  $115.50

   Other Capsoul singles routinely sell for $10 to $50. The CD includes much of the Capsoul output, although only 2 of the Four Mints LP recordings are included. Could it be that the remainder of the Four Mints output will one day be released on another CD by Numero?
   One interesting aspect of these recordings is that they were entirely homegrown. The cuts were written, performed and produced by a wealth of talented local artists, including Dean Francis and Jeff Smith, who were major forces in the development of an important Columbus music scene that is only just now beginning to be rediscovered and revisited.
   Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label is available at Buy this CD! You will be surprised how good these records really were.


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